Local Attractions

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Local Attractions

Know the main attractions in Guayaquil

Malecón 2000: The quiet walk along the river.
Malecón 2000 is an urban regeneration project of the
Old Malecón Simón Bolívar, a 2.5 km long promenade where you can enjoy the great monuments of the history of Guayaquil, museums, gardens, fountains, shopping center,
restaurants and food courts, the first IMAX cinema in South America, as well as the docks,
from where you can board boats for day and nighttime cruises on the Guayas river.
Las Peñas: The place where Guayaquil was born.
It is the most traditional neighborhood in the city. Its cobbled street, called Numa Pompilio Llona, invites you to visit its heritage houses. Important figures of the politics and culture of the city, and country, lived on this site, as well as musicians and writers. 
The neighborhood has kept its appearance over time.
If you continue your walk you will reach Puerto Santa Ana, the most “modernized” area of the city which rises between alluring office towers and living complexes, some with restaurants facing the Guayas river.


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