Our pet friendly program

Know the use of other services in your room


Friend of the Pacific

We will have everything perfectly arranged in rooms reserved especially for you and your partner with the sole purpose that your stay and that of your best friend will be the most pleasant as possible.

In order for you to have a pleasant experience, and for your buddy not to bother the rest of the guests, we invite you to read the following Admission Conditions:

  • Only dogs and cats will be permitted to stay (please ask about others)
  • Your pet has to be accompanied at all times while in the room (exceptions may apply)
  • Cost per pet/night: $10 (plus taxes and service charge)
  • Maximum size: Up to 15kg/30 lbs.
  • Housekeeping: Your pet must be removed from the room when it is time for us to clean it. (We have several parks nearby where you can wait while we finish cleaning your room)
  • Noise and other discomforts: In case of noise or other inconvenience to other guests caused by a pet, the hotel reserves the right to ask the client to leave the hotel with the penalty of payment of the rest of the reservation.


Dial 9 on your bedroom phone and an assistant will get in touch